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Adam Katzeff <adam.katzeff@...>

My ggf, Samuel Joselowitz Katzeff, had a brother who moved to Glasgow
Scotland around 1900. I'm not sure about his name, but it could be Schile
David Joselowitz Katzeff. What I know about Schile David Katzeff is that he
was born in Parnu, Estonia 3/8 1878 (Samuel was born there 24/5 1875) as
the son of Josef Leibowitz Katzeff and his wife Rose. Schile David Katzeff
came to Stockholm Sweden in the late 1890's, together with Samuel, and
married Berta (surname unknown) born 5/3 1872 in Poland. Together they got
the sons Simon Davidowitz Katzeff (born 8/2 1899 in Stockholm) and Nissen
Inda Davidowitz Katzeff (born 11/11 1900 in Stockholm). After a few years
they moved >from Sweden and I presume it was to Glasgow, Scotland.

If anyone knows anything about Samuel's brother, Schile David or whatever
his namne was, please contact me privately

Adam Katzeff
Malmo, Sweden

KATZEFF: "Tapelau", Lithuania; Parnu, Estonia; Stockholm and Gothenburg,
Sweden; Copenhagen, Denmark; Glasgow, Scotland
NEMZOFF: Gub. Vitebsk; Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden; Copenhagen,

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