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Scott Noar <sman@...>

Hi all,
I am new to the newsgroups and to searching my roots.

I need help with Beider's book A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames >from the
Russian Empire.

There are several things about the Noar listing that I don't understand:

The listing says:
(Oshmyany, Vilna) O; N; Naaar [Hebrew] Servant; Young man. {Nor;

a. Does (Oshmyany, Vilna) mean the name was used in Oshmyany a town in
the state of Vilna or does it mean the cities of Oshmyany and Vilna?

b. At the end, after giving the hebrew meanings, it says {Nor; Norman}.
What does that mean?

c. Where it says Naaar, the middle a is underlined. So, is this an
attempt to transliterate the pronunciation. We pronounce it like no-ar
(as is yes/no and are).

The O; stands for occupational surname and the N; for personal
characteristics. Again, are they guessing at this?

Sorry if these are dumb questions.
Scott Noar

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