Help wanted to find BOHMER, LOWINGER, ASHKENES, HUCKEL ancestors #austria-czech


My wife’s maternal grandmother was Ernestine LOWINGER (with umlaut)
(formerly BOHMER(with Umlaut)). She was born in 1867 in Podivin (believed
to have been formerly called Kostel), now in the Czech Republic. Her parents
were Moses Moritz BOHMER and Fanny Bohmer (formerly
ASHKENES). We have no information on Moses Bohmer’s ancestry. Fanny Bohmer’s
(Ashkenes) parents were Lobl ASHKENES >from Podivin and Katharina Ashkenes
(formerly HUCKEL) >from Damborice.

Ernestine Bohmer married David Lowinger in Podivin in 1897. We believe that
David Lowinger was born in Vienna or Hungary.

This is all the information that we have on my wife’s maternal ancestors. I
understand >from various websites that Czech archives will not do research for
inquirers. Hiring a researcher or travelling to the area are not possible at
present. We would be grateful for any information on how to proceed or for
any information >from anyone who is researching these names.

Donald Hurd

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