Re: Two Different NYC Marriage Certificates for the Same Couple #general


Mark Nearenberg, Esq. answered, in great detail, the question about
"duplicate" marriage documents for the same couple. The process he describes
is not limited to New York City, nor is it limited to the issue of civil VS.

I have marriage documents >from 1920's Lithuania which are of two types, both

The first document, the marriage "license", is a document >from the "Vad
HaKehilla", the religious governing body of the community, certifying that the
potential bride and the groom have no religious "impediments" to their being
married, that is, they are both unmarried. The date of the marriage is set in
this document or the document is given a limited time of validity like seven

The second type of document is the marriage "certificate" which refers back to
the permission given by the Vad in the license, and certifies that the
marriage took place. This document has the names and signatures of the Rabbi
who performed the ceremony, and those of the two required witnesses.

Robert Weiss in Palo Alto

Was it customary to obtain two different NYC marriage certificates when
the civil and religious marriages occurred on different dates? If not,
does anyone have any ideas as to why there were two marriage certificates?

<< if you

carefully read these two marriage documents, you will notice that the NYC

Department of Health record is a marriage CERTIFICATE, while the NYC

Clerk's Office record consists of both a LICENSE and a CERTIFICATE. A

marriage license was required to be obtained before the couple could be

legally married.>>

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