Researching ths Situation of our Relatives in Eastern Europe in 1940-1941 #general

Joel Alpert <ALPERT@...>

To All whose families came >from Eastern Europe:

Assuming that many of us had some family in Eastern Europe before World War
II (and in fact lost them in the Holocaust, though many of us are probably
unaware of this, as I had been), I would like to bring to your attention an
excellent source of information, the book "The Lesser of Two Evils," by
Professor Dov Levin of the Hebrew University (Director of the Oral History
Department). It was published by the Jewish Publication Society in 1995,
Philadelphia and Jerusalem. Professor Levin describes the dilemma and
ultimate fate of these 2,000,000 Jews, our families. They were caught in
the most impossible situation between the Nazi death threat and the lesser
evil of the Soviet occupation. I would urge anyone interested in
understanding this important period of history to read this work. This
material serves to help us understand their situation and some of the
decisions that they made as to whether to leave or not.

Joel Alpert
Woburn, MA, USA

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