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At 22:34 16/11/98 +0200, you wrote:
Dear Jewishgenners,

It is long established Jewish family tree practice to omit out-married
branches as being no longer part of the Jewish family.
In my opinion

A tree is prepared primarily for the person who is creating it.

therefore - opinions of others are not salient in the decisions you come to.

Religion is a matter of BELIEF, and no amount of talking can - or must -
change that.

In deference to belief, I have adopted a single letter in the "baptised"
line of the non-Jewish database software to denote that a ranch has
"married out" - so that the fact is recorded and there, but definitely
INCLUDE all people in the tree.

One day, maybe, it will be necessary information for genetics study. If
that happens, than those with narrower views may well be happy to have the
knowledge of who is attached. Until then, do not try to persuade them.

David Lewin

David in London and Margret in Munich run a small Search & Reunite office
attempting to help the many who suspect that despite the passage of so many
years since World War II, someone may still exist "out there"

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