Re: Figuring out Great-great-grandmother's name #general

Simon Barak

Many Jewish names came in pairs. Thus you will find many Rujl-Leye
(my mother and my gggmother) that is actually Rachel and Lea, both
Yakov's wifes and also Sara-Rivka (my mother in law and my ggmother)
that were born during the Haftara of "Sara's life" (end of Tishrei).
Since Sara was infertile for many years and as a amulet against evil
eye it was usual to give also the name of Rivka, since she was
super-fertile (twins).
There are other names that you will not find by themself: when my
daughter was born my grandmother objected to her name (Michal) since
King David's wife, Michal, was sterile. Therefore I had to add to
the name michal a second name to please the family.

David Goldman wrote:

I wanted to share the tale of how I am trying to figure out the first name
of my great-great-grandmother. Her daughter's (my great-grandmother) death
certificate indicated (by mother's uncle) that her mother's first name was
SARAH. My great-grandmother's daughter always insists that she was named
after her grandmother SARAH, who died a year before she was born. Then I
obtained the marriage certificate of my great-grandparents >from NY from
1907, where it indicated the names of their parents. Under the name of the
mother of the bride, my great-grandmother, was the name RIVKA, not Sarah!

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