Re: Reading JewishGen #general


In response to what Mr. Pickholtz said; that the subject line is not part of
the posting and that he has to scroll back up to see what has been written -
about what?
It would seem to me that if one has to scroll back up to know what the nature
of the posting is about - then the reader hasn't begun correctly and that
would be by starting at the top of the page! The format "as is" with the
subject line at the top in bold typeface gives the reader a pretty good idea
as to the general concept of the subject matter.

In as much as many of us would like reading all postings in their entirety,
it is not always possible when time is of the essence. Others may prefer a
quick scan to that which they consider vital to their individual needs.
Having the subject line at the top in its present form is practical and vital
to the readers.

Michele V. Pomerantz
Secaucus, NJ

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