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Shirley Flaum <> wrote:

I have searched the internet but cannot find a list of published
genealogies/family histories of Jewish families (or for all published family
histories, for that matter. Does anyone know if such a list exists?
Yes, such a list exists...

"Sourcebook for Jewish Genealogies and Family Histories", by
David S. Zubatsky and Irwin M. Berent. (Teaneck, NJ: Avotaynu, Inc.,
480 pages. A guide to over 22,000 published and manuscript genealogies
in archives and libraries worldwide, arranged by surname. ($69.50).
ISBN 0-886223-033.
[Earlier editions: (New York: Garland, 1984, 1991).
Two volumes: 422 pages, 452 pages. ISBN 0-8240-9028-4].

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