Searching BRENNER from Los Angeles, Boston,- and Johannesburg South Africa #general

sal25 <sal25@...>

Sisters Jenny Snyder and Anna Glazer came to US >from Vilna or thereabouts.
They settled in Boston around 1891. Their maiden name was BRENNER.
They had 2 brothers Adolph and Harry who settled in Los Angeles.

They had another brother, first name unknown, who went to Johannesburg,
Union of South Africa. The family story goes that he became a diamond
merchant and was killed.

I believe my gm Anna's mother's name was Hannah.

They had other BRENNER relatives in Boston. One was in the band at the old
Fox and Hounds Club. Another BRENNER woman worked in the Sonnabend real
estate office.

If you have any info and/or think you are related, e-mail me.
Shirley Loewenberg, Boynton Beach, FL 33436

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