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Danita Simon <dhsimon@...>

If ever you have needed a reason to read through all the correspondence,
I have quite accidentally found one. Sometimes we don't know enough to
ask the right questions. I have been struggling the past few weeks to
fit a Jacob that I found in the 1920 census into my family tree. I had
just about given up when, quite by chance I read David Ziants reply to a
question and there right in front of me was the answer I had been
seeking. Jacob was my grandfather's uncle Yankel.

So thank you for a job well done and thank you for helping even when I
didn't know I needed it.

Danita Simon
Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

David Ziants wrote:

Madelyn Travis wrote (19/11/98 Message 42):
My grandfather's name was Yankel in Lithuania and he changed it to >>William in the US. He was also known as Avigdor.
I think Yankel is Yiddish for Jacob, .... Snipped ....
Yankel is indeed a Yiddish possibility for Jacob.
In Hebrew, the name is Ya'akov which is spelt: Yud, 'Ayin, Kuf, Bet .

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