Austrian Jews in Theresienstadt #austria-czech

Henry Wellisch <henry.kelwel@...>

The Institute Theresienstadt Initiative and the Austrian Documentary
Resistance Archive have recently issued a new a new book entitled:
Theresienstaedter Gedenkbuch - Oesterreichische Juedinnen und Juden in
Theresienstadt 1942 - 1945. (Memorial Book Theresienstadt - Austrian
Jewesses and Jews in Theresienstadt). Apart form various articles the
book contains three parts.
1. A list of all Jews deported >from Austria to Theresienstadt.
2. A list of Hungarian Jews deported >from Vienna and vicinity to
Theresienstadt in March and April of 1945. This list does not include
those Hungarians who were transferred to Theresienstadt >from other
camps during the last days of the war.
3. Those Austrian Jews who had emigrated to other European countries
and who were caught by the Germans and sent to Theresienstadt.
There is in existence for a number of years the Totenbuch
Theresienstadt (Deathbook Theresienstadt) which lists Austrian Jews
who perished either in Theresienstadt or who were sent on >from there
to the east. The new book lists all the deportees, including the
For further information see:
Henry Wellisch

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