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I appreciate the helpful replies to my question regarding the name JOINE and
would like to share these with you (below).
Joine [pron. Yoyne] could be the Yiddish pronounciation of Jonah (Yona in
It is so simple the name JOINE. It is the nickname for the old Bible name
JONA. The Prophet JONA. So he have a old Jewish name.
Joine is one spelling for a Yiddish pronunciation of Yonah (Hebrew for
Jonah). In my family (>from the Kamenetz-Podolsk area of the Ukraine),
Yonah was definitely pronounced "Yoyneh" [but then "Afikomen" was
pronounced "afikoymen" as well).
"Joine" (pronounced "Yoina") is Yiddish for the Hebrew given name
Joine or Jone is a diminutive to both Elhanan and Yohanan. It is the
equivalent to John. My great-great-grandfather was called by everybody Jone
der Hittelmacher and only by finding his grave and reading it I found he was
actually Elhanan son of Yehuda Leib Toker and Hittelmacher being his
profession (Hatmaker)

Many thanks.. Nancy Pitters

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