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<< They are all the same name. Yitzhak is the hebrew equivalent of the name
Isaac. Itsig and Itsko are both Yiddish diminutives of the name. >>

First things first. Yitzhak, is Hebrew, nearly 4000 yo. It's not the
equivalent of a name some three millenia later. It'ds the original.
Isaac is the English verion via Greek & Latin. Aall THIS the equivalent.
Itsik is the Yiddish diminuitive of Yitzhak.
Itsko sounds to me like a Romanian diminuitive. It's not the way Yiddish
diminuitives are formed. Munkatsch etc. is in a region where Hungarians,
Romanians, Poles and Ukrainians co-existed. I'm not sure which country it now
is part of.

Michael Bernet, New York
Itsko is indeed Romanian diminutive (name Itskovici, Ickovici are
derived from), but traces can be also found in Ukrainian - eg.
Ickovicz/Itsykowicz, probably originated in area of Tchernowitz
(Czernowice) between the rivers Dniestr and Prut, where both cultures,
Romanian and Ukrainian have met.

Muntkasch (Munkac) is known as Mukacevo and together with the close by
central town of Ungvar(Uzgorod/Uzhhorod) those locations are presently
under the Ukrainian rule. Area is now called Zakarpatskaya Ukraina
(Transkarpatian Ukraine). Region was originally populated by the Rusins
(Transkarpatian Ukrainians), Slovaks, Hungarians (Magyars) and Jews.
There existed also small Romanian and Gypsies minorites, but Polish
population was rather unknown - you are probably confusing Slovaks with
the Poles, both tribes are Slavs, but a bit different.

Alexander Sharon

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