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A.Sharon <a.sharon@...>

Alexandra Vozick Hans wrote:

Has anyone visited Transylvania especially Craciunesti? Are there Jewish
landmarks and is a community living there now?
Thank you. Alexandra Vozick Hans

There is some information on website about the business located in this
area in Transylvania, Romania. Since site is in English, you might want
to ask this site webmaster about the Jewish landmarks in this area. I
usually do, and surprisingly, no one refuses the answer, webmasters are
very polite people and they are helping a lot.

For JewishGeners who are looking for the exotic places of their
ancestors - try first search through the Web (I found Infoseek and
Yahoo as a very helpful search enginees in this matter) and just type
name of shtetl you are looking for. Results could be amazing sometimes,
and do not hesitate to talk to the site webmaster.

Good luck

Alexander Sharon

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