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Ralph Berrick <rbofrb@...>

You can find the information, by going to
Click on the item requesting search for cities, you will then get a
window asking for name and location. Type in the name of the shtetl,
and Belarus, and you will then get a map showing it's location, although
they list the spelling as Nesvish, rather than Neshiv.
Hope this helps.
Ralph Berrick
San Diego, Ca.
Searching: BERRICK -Ylakia ( Russia, Lithuania)
HOROWITZ - Ylakiai (Russia - Lithuania)

Chuck Weinstein wrote:

Does anyone know the specific location of Neshviz? Where can
I find additional information on this town?
Thanks, Tina GAM
researching: GAM, GAMM, SEID(Russia/Poland)
Tina (and all other readers of this Digest),
The first place I would look is on the ShtetLinks page
( where I would discover
a link to Neshvizh, Belarus.

Chuck Weinstein
JewishGen ShtetLinks Coordinator

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