Brooklyn #general

Burt Zolotar

I have just been forwarded an old picture and printed material >from a
family in England who think that they are relatives but we're not sure
at this point. The picture is of their relative a B ZOLOTAR who appears
to have been the President and Chairmen of the Board of the First
Romener Ind. Ben. Association of Brooklyn. The Association appears to
have been located at 609 Willougby Avenue of Brooklyn, NY. My guess on
the picture would be that it is >from the 1920s or 1930s. Can anyone shed
some light on what this organization was and possibly whether it still
exists? I will have the picture and printed material available on the
InterNet sometime later this week.

My grandfather was named Boris ZOLOTAR and he lived in Brooklyn at that
time. He died in 1932. If possible please respond to me directly at


Burt Zolotar
Menlo Park, CA

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