Re: Whys and wherefores of Jewish immigration to Canada #general

Paul Silverstone <paulh@...>

I refer you to a thesis which is in the library or archives in Winnipeg:
'The Old Clo' Move': Anti-Semitism, Politics and the Jews of Winnipeg 1882-1921
by Henry M. Trachtenberg, written in 1984.

The first chapter gives much information about the formation and arrival in
Winnipeg of the group who arrived there in 1882. About 350 Jews were in this
group which founded the Jewish community of the city.
Paul Silverstone
New York

Barbara Siegel wrote:

Dear Jewishgenners,
I am looking for information re Jewish immigration patterns >from Europe to
Canada, especially during the second half of the 19th century. I am
assuming that the major waves of Jewish immigration to Canada took place
after the first World War as a result of the restricted quotas on entrance
to the U.S. What were the circumstances that resulted in earlier Jewish
immigration to Canada as opposed to the U.S., the destination chosen by the
majority of Jews >from Eastern Europe?

I am not referring to the use of Canada as a transit point on the way to the
U.S., but to those who remained permanently in Canada. >>>>>>>>>SNIP

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