Changing Borders:A History Lesson, Please? #general

Sandhaus <sandhaus@...>

First, please let me thank all of the wonderful people who have written me
during the past few weeks with information concerning the various shtetls
associated with my family tree. That information has proven invaluable.

Second, as some of you may know, I am putting together a web page which, among
other things, contains information and links regarding those shtetls. I would
like for the page to have a brief summary which discusses the various border
changes in the Ukraine / Austria-Hungary / Poland / Romania areas >from the
mid-1800's to the present.

Once again, I'd like to exploit the good graces of the geography mavens out
there in hyperspace: if anybody would be kind enough to put together such a
summary, I would be honored to place the article on my web page, giving full
and proper credit to the author(s). In the alternative, if anybody could
suggest a link which effectively does the same thing, that would be greatly

Thank you,
Buck Sandhaus

Czernowitz (Romania) Debica (Poland)
Dobromil (Ukraine) Glinitsa (Ukraine)
Koteshty (Moldova) Ropschitz (Poland)
Rzeszow (Poland) Sandhausen (Germany)
Sanok (Poland) Skazintsy (Ukraine)

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