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It has been a long time since I posted my surnames so I thought I would try

Arlene Parnes, Orlando, FL
ARONOWITZ, Russia; Cuba; ASIA, Krements, Poland/Ukraine
COHEN, Russia; Manchester, Eng; EPSTEIN, Russia; GALEWITZ, Vilnius,
Minsk or Grodno
GROBERG, Vienna; JUVITZER/PARNES; Vishnevets, Poland/Ukraine;

I am really especially anxious to find ARONOWITZ (sister of GALEWITZ) and

I have found 4 men with that last name but have not been able to connect
them to my family -- other than Mor(r)is. I have a strong suspicion that
this man, when he gave his age on embarkation, lied to make himself older,
as the rest of the information agrees with what we know about my gf - born
in 1870, arrived 1888, first papers in 1891, nat in 1902

Can anyone help?

Many thanks

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