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michael slifkin <slifkin@...>

The laws governing marriage in the UK are set out in the handbook given to all
marriage secretaries. However as I said it is only a technical offence in that
I have never heard of anyone being prosecuted for it. I would imagine that
hardly anybody knows about the law except marriage secretaries. In the United
Synagogues the minister is often the marriage secretary and would know the law.
It is quite likely that most of the unregistered weddings are carried out by
people ignorant of the law. In my experience synagogue executives do not want to
do anything illegal and so do not allow unregistered weddings to take place in
their sybaggoues.If you belong to a synaggoue of any denomination ask the
marrriage secretary to check his handbook for you.
The situation with non-registered place of worships is that they arrange for a
marriage regisitrar to be present.

Professor M A Slifkin
Jerusalem - Israel

Nick Landau wrote:

From: michael slifkin <slifkin@...>

According to UK law any ceremony purporting to be a wedding must be
registered with the authorities. The Rabbi who married a couple after a
civil wedding was committing a technical offense as clearly the wedding
could not be registered for a second time and the law doesn't allow for
such weddings.
I am sure that you are wrong. A Christian friend of mine was marrying a
divorcee. They were first married in a registry office and then the
marriage was blessed in Church. I know that is not quite the same thing
but it is similar.

There are legal reasons why it might be prudent to be made husband and
wife and to travel as so although the couple might wish to travel to
another country, to celebrate with family etc, to have the religious

I believe it is not uncommon for Muslims to be married in a civil service
in the UK and to have a religious service in the Indian sub-continent.

Likewise I would have thought that denominations that are not registered
for marriage would use the civil facilities and then carry out their own
marriage service.

If the rabbi had been carrying out something illegal I think that he had
chosen the wrong boys to make up the minyan because I don't think our
parents woudl have condoned something that was not above board.

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