Orphans and Foundlings Burials Update #general


Another 18 names with genealogical information have been added and more
information has been acquired for many of the names that were already listed.

There is now a total of 134 children on the Orphans and Foundlings Burial
Page (New York City area 1880-1920). New names will be added when found.

Information includes: Names of Orphans and Foundlings - Death Certificates
with Numbers, Listing Date of Death and Age - Location of Death and Burial - Cause of Death - Parental History if Known - Plus Other Facts

This can all be accessed on my website at
HNOH Welcome/Jewish Orphanages in the United States at

We have also finally identified 39 of the 44 boys in the 1934 Bar Mitzvah
photo of the Hebrew National Orphan Home (HNOH) which can be found on the HNOH
Photo Album Page.

Marge Spears-Soloff
Orlando, FL

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