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I grew up and lived in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY >from 1937 to 1950. During
the WWII years (until 1945) Knapp Mansion was a catering hall on the corner
of Ross St. & Bedford Avenue in this neighborhood. It had a large hall
which was used for weddings and other receptions by those who could afford
it. It was also used as a synagogue hall for the high holidays, providing
services for a pick-up group who bought tickets for the services. it
consisted of a large hall

In its' origins, the building must have oiginally have been a true Mansion
occupied by an extemely wealthy individual. As the neighborhodd declined
economically the rich owner must have left. The same holds true for the
many brownstone homes in the neighborhood which must have been occupied by
one family originally, but were converted into four apartments each, one on
each floor, which were rented out to working people.

In my time, the owner of the establishment lived in an extensive apartment
of many rooms above the main floor. He was named Nussbaum. His son, Alan,
was in my grade in P.S. 16 which was on Wilson St. one block away >from Ross
St. Alan would be about sixty-six years of age today.

As the neighborhood changed and the hasidim took over, the building was
acquired by one of the hasidic sects, the Satmar hasidim, I believe. It was
then used by them for whatever purposes they wished, but I believe it
contained a synagogue in the main hall and a mikveh in the basement.

In all liklihood, your parents were married in the Knapp Mansion, which they
rented for the occasion.

Sorry for the long post, but I haven't thought about that particular place
in fifty years or more and your question hit a nerve!

Asher Bar-Zev

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