Re: Austrian War Archive in Vienna #general


I had my local Family History Center order me 6 microfilms of early Austro
Hungarian mililtary records after reading a fiche by a FHC researcher who
microfilmed all 1500 records, which cover about 150 years of Austro Hungarian
military is very tedious to read them and in order to narrow down
your search for relatives, you must single out the area they lived in, the
approximate time they would have been of draftable age, and what branch of the
service (cavalry, army, etc) they were likely to have 6 microfilms I
located one probable relative...if anyone is curious to see what the records
look like, bring up "AUSTRIA", then military records, and they will come up on
the screen by large spans of years, areas (mine was Lemberg) and service
branch...for more information, email me personally. Jane Lowenkron Foss

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