Tree widths - the final answer #general

David Kravitz <dkravitz@...>

First let me thank, once again, all those who wrote to me personally with
their suggestions regarding width limitations on my genealogy tree maker. I
write this final note on the subject as several correspondents wrote to me
expressing the same problems and asking to share any suggestions for a

First a (red-faced) confession. On checking the software as given to me by
a friend who made no progress at all on his family tree, I find that the
version I have is not version 4 of FamilyTreeMaker but an earlier one.
Version 4.4 upwards has no limitations on width for all practical purposes
and updating to a later version is relatively cheap, under 30 dollars.

The limitation on size, 110in x 110in appears as a message in center
screen. By setting text size to six point and box maximum to 0.80, I
achieved all the names, although some longer ones are abbreviated to
initial and surname. In distributing this to members of the family, I
include an Outline version as well. Continuous stationery in landscape mode
was another useful idea.

Several respondants suggested freeware and alternative software available
thru Shareware including Brother's Keeper, a mac-only product via and a windows version via

Whilst I appreciate that this forum should not discuss commercial products,
this note should, hopefully, satisfy everyone.

David Kravitz
Bournemouth, England

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