Re: Goodman and Jennie COHN #general

Goniper <goniper@...>

Allan -

Did you send me some emails over the past week regarding the Goodman Family.
My name is Richard Sinykin. My hard drive crashed and I lost all of my emails
over the past two weeks.

To jog your memory, my great-great grandfather was Louis "Leib" Goodman of
Kamanets Podolskij, Russia. He may have been a brother to the chief rabbi in
Kamanets Podolsk. I do not know for sure. Leib married Lena Dockman and they
had the following children - Jacob (my great-grandfather), Samuel, Anna, Clara,
Jennie, and Sarah.

They were all born inKamanets Podolsk and immigrated through New York circa

Please resend any of your past emails regarding the Goodman connection. Sorry
for the inconvenience.

Rich Sinykin
Minneapolis, MN

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