Mogilv Podolskiy #general

Gillian Zebaida

I am indebted to Alan Shuchat who was able to give me the name of a Great
Uncle >from the 1913 edition of the M.P. Business Directory. If there was a
directory for 1913, I presume that there may be others. How might I go
about trying to find other such directories? I am particularly interested
in Mogilev Podolskiy and Odessa around 1900. I am also lookking for the
name DOLER (or similar) in Vienna between 1901 and 1907.
I live in the south-east of England and to my knowledge there is no such
information available in this country. (I could be wrong).
Gillian Zebaida.
Researching: AMERIKANER (Ickelheim), BLUMENTHAL / ROBBINS (San Francisco),
(?Grosskrotzenberg), HERZBERGER / NORDHAUSER (Wustensachen),OPPENHEIMER
(Worms), HIRSCHMANN / SCHMIDT (Grosskrotzenberg) REUS (Reis/Reiss),
SHOVERS (Racine, Wi) WERTHEIMER (Mannehim), ZEBAIDA (Iraq/USA)

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