Searching HENDEL #general


Searching for information on David HENDEL, son of Yitzchak Yakov
Hendel and Feige, brother of Dina Ruchel Hendel, who married Milton
(Menachem Mendel) NOWADWARSKI. Dina Ruchel was one of my great-
grandmothers. They are all of Polish origin.

David probably immigrated to the US about the turn of the century.
He may have lived in New York. David had a daughter Lee (Leah?)
who married Harold WEISS. They may have lived in Brooklyn, but have
been deceased for about 20 years. Harold and Lee used to visit our
mutual relatives in Chicago, Sam and Lena TORNHEIM.

If any one knows about these people, please contact me privately.

Todah Rabah!
Martha Eisenberg Lasser
Diamond Bar California

Researching: EISENBERG of Buenos Aires, Chicago & Warsaw
FEIL of Caracas, Venezuela, Chicago & Hrubieszow
GLASER/LASSER/LESSOR of South Africa, Long Island, Holidaysburg, PA
KLANG/RUFF/ZINGER of Hrubieszow, Poland
Also SCHAFFER, NOVADVORSKY and many others

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