Re: Zacuto, Zacuta, Zakuto, Zacutta #general

Simon Barak

Abraham Zacutus was a famous Jewish Physician in Moorish Spain. The tradition is
kept in the family and in nowadays Israel Prof Zakut is the head GYN-OB in the
Wolfson Hospital in Tel Aviv, his sister Mag Vera Zakut is the director of the
Pediatric Immunology Research Laboratory in the Dana Children Hospital in Tel
Aviv, another brother is a surgeon in Jerusalem and there are more.
You will find Zacutus' biography in Friedenwalds "Jews in Medicine" and in the
book with the same title published last year by the Diaspora Museum in Tel Aviv

Stewart Levy wrote:

Interesting name. In the book Farewell Espana, a history of Sephardic Jewry,
they mention Abraham Zacuto, a famous cartographer (mapmaker).
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