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Stan Goodman <sheol@...>

Actually, the Goths/Visigoths/Ostrogoths are not good candidates. These
names were present in Europe before Goths (in their various flavors, but
all Germanic) descended south. Since Gauls are Celts, Celts (which
inhabited most of Europe before Germanic peoples arrived and displaced
them) are a much better bet for the origin of Gaul, Gallipoli, Galicia, and
other such names.

The ascription of Polish "Galicia" to the name of an ancient noblemen is
apocryphal, and in the same class as the association of "Krakow" with a
dragon legend.

-> Actually, there's another theory...There are other Galicias, also in
-> Eurasia - it's quite possible that the common name indicates a calling card
-> of the Goths/Visigoths of the so-called dark ages, i.e., after the final
-> fall of Rome and the Carolingian period.

-> Simon Barak wrote:
-> >None whatsoever. Galicia in Poland-Austria-Ukraine is a mispronuntation
-> >of Haliz, the first prince and founder of the county. Galicia in Spain
-> >is derived >from latin (Gallia, Gaul = France)
-> >
-> >Ana Kurland wrote:
-> >> Is there any relationship between the 2 Galicias?

Stan Goodman
Qiryat Tiv'on, Israel

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