ASCHNER in Toronto #general


Dear fellow seekers,
In my search for kin a kind William Lurie sent me the following clue:
"I believe that Lipot Aschner had a son Pol (Paul), who is now in his nineties
and living near Toronto. I understand that he is old and frail, and hard to
communicate with. Letters >from me went unanswered. Perhaps you will have
better results.
Might there be a kind soul in Toronto in his neighborhood who would be willing
to make a personal call on him on my behalf? If he is in his '90s I think a
long distance call >from a strange can be quite confusing and I would not
expect a letter to get a response. Perhaps he lives with someone who can be of
assistance. I can provide lots of Aschner details. I should be glad to
reciprocate lookups in greater Boston if someone >from afar needs help. Thank
you. Linda Rakoff, Newton, MA

Searching: ASCHNER- Hradiste, Bresova, Kaschau(Kosice now), SpisskaNovy Ves (aka Yglo),Wien, LOW'Y-Hradiste, Spisska Novy Ves GELBERG/LIPSHITZ-Galati GOLDMAN(N) and LANGER -Kosice, Spisska Novy Ves, Bolyar POLATSECK-Kosice KOOPER, LISSAUER-Losonc, Miskolz KOHN, STINGL: Wien, Bratislava RAKOFF-Kelce, Russia, GORDON-Vilna, MELTZER, RIESENBERG- Horodenka, Galicia BRETTSCHNEIDER

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