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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Leila Kilby is searching for information about her
family called "JOTNER". All she knows is that her
great-grandfather, Joseph JOTNER, had an
Austro-Hungarian passport and was born around 1870. He
was on the UK 1901 census living in the East End of

I have located the JOTNER family: Joseph 31 [a
barber]; wife Fanny aged 25 and three children all
born in England Asher [5], Ettie [4] and Ray, a
daughter [2]. They lived at 29 Newnham Street,

Joseph and Fanny are indeed listed as Austria-Austrian
subjects on a paying US-based genealogy site, but for
Fanny, this is a mistranscription. She can clearly be
seen indexed as Russia-Russian Subject. On the
official UK census site, this is what you indeed see.
This illustrates why it is important not to rely on
one site. Sometimes both get it wrong!

If you look at the births of their children on FreeBMD
Index: 1837-1983 you find them listed - they are the
JOTNER only entries:

Asher 1895 December Births Greenwich Greater London
Kent London Surrey
Etta Bena 1897 March Births Whitechapel London
Rachel 1899 June Births Whitechapel London

All the evidence - location, emigration to the East
End, and the names Asher, Etta Bena and Rachel suggest
that Joseph is >from Galicia, Bukowina or another area
of the Habsburg Empire and not >from the country,
Austria itself. Most *real* Austrian immigrants to
England in this era were fairly rich businessmen from
Vienna and younger sons of these established Viennese
bourgeois families. They were merchants, brokers etc.
Quite a large number of poor non-Jewish Austrians also
emigrated to England and worked in the catering trade,
especially as waiters.

The large number who were listed as "Austrian" were in
fact not >from Austria itself.

The name JOTNER is puzzling - it does not appear in
any database I have looked at. I have also checked the
name with an umlaut. If it is indeed the original name
then it should be a clue as to the origin of this
family - but it may also have been changed - but from
what? The most likely is a vowel change, and I have
indeed found JUTNER >from Czernowitz on Yad Vashem.

So this is a likely origin of the London JOTNER
family, as Czernowitz [Bukowina] was part of the
Habsburg empire. Leila will however have to join the
Rom-SIG to research it further.

If the JOTNER couple married in the UK and an
immigration document for Joseph exists, then there may
be more clues to be found.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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