Re: Russian Jews in Lumber Business #general

Joan Levin <jlevin@...>

A description of what was involved for Jews occupied in the lumber
business in Russia is described in Shmarya Levin's wonderful
autobiography "Childhood In Exile". Both the job and the family life are
described in detail, as one of his grandfathers was thus employed. He
worked for a wealthy landowner on the river between Odessa and Kiev:
his job, if I remember correctly, was to travel to land which his
employer was considering purchasing, and to assess the value. I read
this long ago, but I think I am correct in saying that he also had power
over the actual cutting and moving of the lumber on the river, and was
responsible for hiring and supervising the workers.

He gives wonderful family history information; unfortunately I found
nothing to link this family with mine.

Joann Levin
Ellsworth, ME

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