Re: Ancestors in Lumber Business #general

David Goldman <davic@...>

Thanks to everybody who emailed me on the questions I posed, especially on
the lumber business. It seems that both families were rather wealthy by
standards of those days, and it seemed that they were not just overseers
but had lumbering as a business, whether contracted by "the czar" or
whatever I don't know. The Shapiros lived in Surazh on the Iput' River,
which explains the connection to lumbering I suppose. My great-grandfather
branched out into owning a little hotel in town (10 rooms)and had a soap
"factory." I have a feeling he branched out into these areas after his
father died and left him and his brothers a hefty inheritance..... This
situation in lumbering might also explain my lack of success in finding
other Shapiros we are related to in that area. It would appear that they
were a branch that had moved to Surazh >from elsewhere up towards Lithuania
to set up a branch of the lumber business in a very lucrative area. The
Faitelsons were up in the Borisov area, and must have been in similar

Let no one think that Jews have a tradition of being lumberjacks!! I am
sure they either owned the lumber the lumberjacks worked on, or managed the

David Goldman

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