Re: Re divorce by proxy #general


There has been some discussion about this, and here is my two cents:

A divorce or "get" must be requested by the husband. A wife can either accept
or reject, but cannot initiate the "get". Rabbi's can try to influence the
outcome, but the fact of Jewish Law remains, the husband files for the
divorce. If there is good reason, say the husband and wife are in difference
countries, or the husband is in jail, etc., with two Rabbi's coordinating the
process, there can be a divorce. But the husband himself must request the
"get" and the wife herself must accept the "get".

So, if by proxy one means that the husband and wife are not in the same room
at the time of the "get", it is possible. If one means that either the
husband or the wife is missing >from the process, then no, it is not possible.
A husband cannot divorce his wife without her acceptance of the "get". A wife
cannot get a "get".

OK? BTW, grounds for a "get" are as liberal as "she burned my dinner". Of
course you may need a civil divorce as well, but that is governed by the

Shelley Volk

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