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I have been doing some research on my husband's family. Some of the records
are Polish and I have not gotten consistent translations. Could you help?
"Schliama Huna" appears in Berek Bromberg's birth record as the name of his
father but "Shlomo Alhanan" is listed as his father's name on his tombstone
which is Hebrew. Are these names the same or similar? Could this be "Szlama
Chuna" which is part of the name of one of Berek's sons as it appears in an
English document. Berek's tombstone says "Here lies Mr. Dov Bar son of Shlomo
Alhanan". I have never seen any reference to Dov Bar. What does this refer
to? One of Berek's children is buried next to him. Her tombstone syas" Here
lies a woman Pessia daughter of Rabbi Dov Bar. What is the significance of
"Rabbi Dov Bar"? Thanks so much for your help.
Rebecca Snyder Bromley,
Colorado Springs, CO

MODERATOR NOTE: Have you consulted this Discussion Group Archives at ?
First name (Reb')Dov Ber and tombstone inscriptions have been discussed
on this forum several times.

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