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Rebecca Snyder Bromley <Rsbromley@...> wrote:
Berek's tombstone says "Here lies Mr. Dov Bar son of Shlomo Alhanan".
Although you have stated that Berek's shem b'yisrael (= official Jewish
name) was Dov Ber, J-Genners might be interested to know that Barak,
which when written in Hebrew characters could mistakenly be read and
transliterated as Berek, is also a Hebrew name.

Although Barak wasn't too commonly used in Europe, it is well used in
modern Israel.

In Sefer Shoftim (Biblical book of Judges), this is the Israelite
army general: Barak the son of Avino'am .

David Ziants

Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel

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