Re: Searching: LURIA #general


Eric Lewis writes:

<< I am trying to trace the Canadian branch of the family of my late
father, surname LURIA, who visited England during the war whilst in the
Canadian services. >>
To whom it may concern!
My late father in law was Alexander lourie' was born in Lockenwald
(Berlin),has passed away in Tel-Aviv
in 1992.I know that the family has a family tree which can't be found.they
are related to the Ari Hakadosh.
His father's name Owsy, he was born in Minsk ? lived in Germany,moved to
France with his wife Rosa
& daughter Marie,is buried in Valencay cemetery his wife made aliya to
Israel.Alex was the General
Executive for Kopel Tours-Europe.

Shimon Ouziel
Tel-Aviv Israel

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