Gesher Galicia #general

Pollero - Rochelle K. <rpollero@...>


It is time to renew your membership to Gesher Galicia. If you haven't yet
sent in your renewal form and check, please do so now. Renewals and
information must be received by December 31 in order for the information
to be included in the January 1999 Family Finder.

If you haven't received your renewal letter, please contact Peter Zavon at

To those who have an interest in Galicia but have not yet joined our
Special Interest Group (SIG), consider doing so. The dues are $20 per
year for USA and Canada and $27 per year for overseas.

To be included in the 1999 complete, updated Gesher Galicia Family Finder,
new members should send their information to Shelley Pollero by December

To find out more about our SIG and get a membership form, you may:

Visit our website


Send a blank email message to <>
for our InfoFile/Membership Form which you will receive by automated
return e-mail.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

For renewals and new members:
Shelley Kellerman Pollero at <>

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