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Recently I was given a printout containing over fifty
new names in my mother's GORDON family. (We had lost
track of this branch several generations ago and it
turns out that some have been here in Israel for sixty-
seventy years.)

The latest generation contains quite a few names which
can be either male or female and others which were new
to me entirely. It reminded me that when I did my first
manual family tree years ago, I chose to make different
shaped boxes for men and women. (The bottom of the women's
box was convex and the bottom of the men's box was two angled
lines. I even had rubber stamps made.)

It seems to me that the more genealogy begins to cross
cultural lines - even "traditional Jewish" vs "modern
Israeli" - gender may not be as obvious as it once was, and
there is a need for a standard, simple way to indicate it.
This should be at least as valid for the general genealogy

If others agree with me, perhaps JewishGen might take an
initiative in this regard, in the form of a resolution at
the New York Convention or a dialogue with the general
genealogy community.

And while we are at it, perhaps we can get the folks who
write the gen programs to include gender in their printed
"register" reports. Are there any that do? (BK doesn't.)

Israel Pickholtz

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