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Ludwig Marbach >from Austria is still searching for his
ancestors. He writes: I have a "Moses POLLAK" married
to "Saly/Sara/Rosina FRIED". Moses POLLAK lived
probably in Markwaretz but another document suggests
that he was born in Valasske-Mezerici (close to
Olomouc, Moravia) and that he later lived in Kalladei
[Kolodeje] and died in Blatna.

Sara FRIED was born in Kalladei. Her mother was a
"Sara" or "Genendel" and her father the "Pinkeljude
von Kalladei". Maybe his name was "Abraham FRIED" but
I am not sure!

Moses and Saly POLLAK, both born about 1810, had a
daughter, Rosalia. She was born on 10.05.1839
in Kalladei. Does anyone know about this family? Does
Rosalia have brothers and sisters?"

I have no personal connection to this family and must
base my thoughts entirely on the 1793 Jewish census of
Bohemia. The trouble is that the POLLAK and FRIED
links Ludwig is looking for were born ca 1810, if not
later, so the 1793 listings might provide links to
their parents or grandparents!

If Moses POLLAK came >from Markwaretz, I presume it is
Markwaretz, Bohemia also known as Markvarec {Bezirk
Laun}. This is in the Rakonitzer Kreis but in 1793
there is no Jewish population and there is no separate
listing in Hugo Gold's "The Jew and Jewish
communities of Bohemia".

There are few POLLAK in the Rakonitzer Kreis in 1793 -
but who is to say that these are the forebears of
Ludwig's Moses? There is even a Moses POLLAK -
unmarried, an erstgeborener - living in Hochlieben. We
have no idea how old Moses is >from the census.

As for FRIED, there is a more likely link. In 1793
there is one FRIED family actually living in Kalladei
{Kolodeje nad Luznici}, Budweiser Kreis. And here we
are in luck, as this is one of the few places where
ages are given: David FRIED [46] married to Rosalia
[43]. David was a Schnittwarenhandler. The couple had
four widely-spaced sons; Eliakim 19; Feith 8; Joachim
4 and Israel 2.

Could one of these boys have been the Pinkeljude from
Kalladei, the father of Sara? The term was often used
to describe incoming Galician Jewish pedlars, so I
fear we may also be wrong about this FRIED family,
which appeared quite well-off, with two servants.

There is only one other FRIED in the Budweiser Kreis,
a widower Simon FRIED aged 75, who is the
father-in-law of Michel FREUND, a well-off distiller.

Ludwig should also search the message archives where I
found a few postings to FRIED of Bohemia.
Unfortunately, none was precise enough to say that
there was a possible link to Ludwig's family quest.

I fear that the Pollak search will be just as hard, if
not more so, especially if the family came from

Celia Male [U.K.]

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