German names in Poland #general

Lauren Davis <merlyn@...>

Gene Starn wrote:

The name Stern is a common in Germany ... but my Sterns come >from Poland.
Anyone else?
Many Jews in the Kingdom of Poland had Germanic sounding surnames
like AJZENBERG and SNYDER. A primary reason for this is that the
majority of what later became the Kingdom of Poland was under
Prussian and Austrian rule at the time of the first surname mandates,
due to the partitioning of Poland in the late 1700s. Hence many
Jews acquired the Germanic surnames, since surnames were acquired
while their parts of Poland were under regimes where German was
the government language at the time.

In 1815 the "Kingdom of Poland" (Congress Poland / Russian Poland)
was created at the Congress of Vienna, with the Tzar of Russia
appointed as the King of Poland. At the time of the Russian
surname mandate in the Kingdom of Poland 1821, some families
opted to retain/resurrect their Germanic surnames.


Lauren B. Eisenberg Davis

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