Polish Military Classifications #general


An elderly great-aunt reports that her father, my ggf, Yitzhak DWORSKI,
was drafted into the Polish Military, serving during and/or after WWI.
She referred to the category of soldier he was as "Bezhnitzer." I would
like to know the meaning of this term and whether any records of his
service might still exist. In case it is of any significance to my
inquiry, Yizthak was >from the shtetl Raczki in the Suwalk region of
Poland, though he apparently moved around quite a bit while serving in
the military.

Deborah Dworski
Arlington, Virginia U.S.A.

grateful for any leads to:

DWORSKI Suwalk region of Poland; Hartford & New Haven, CT
LEVATINSKY (LEVTINSKI) Suwalk region of Poland; Chicago; Detroit
MINSKY Sopotskin, now in Belarus; Boston & Massachusetts
SONNENBLUM anyone with this surname--very rare
GESBEN (Americanized spelling which is apparently similar to the
original Polish surname; shtetl of origin unknown; maybe Plock region)

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