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Tom Venetianer <tom.vene@...>

Cecil is the Anglicized form of the Welch given name "Seissylt", which
derives >from the Latin given name "Sextilius" -> >from Sextus == sixth

Cecilia has a completely different root: the Latin male given name
Caecilius, which was an old Roman *family name*, derives >from the byname
"Caecus" which means "blind". Thus, indeed Cecilia derives >from Caecilius,
but Cecil *does not*.

As for the correlation between Cecilia and Suessel, certainly its author
has a very rich imagination :-)


| Subject: Re: Cecil corresponds to what?
| From:
| ==Cecil comes >from Latin Caecilius and is thought to have meant "of
| poor vision." That would make it appropriate for a Jewish woman
| named Leah ("of poor vision") to be called Cecilia <g>
| ==Actually, in this case, you may not have to go to the Romans. Cecil
| is usually pronounced See-sil. Which is exactly the same as the
| Yiddish name Suessel or Zisel, meaning "sweet little one." a name many
| of us have been called by adoring aunts and grandmothers while having
| our cheeks tweaked.

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