Re: Searching: LURIA #general

Alan Kolnik <alank287@...>

I just noticed the correspondence about the LURIA family. I
have some information which may add a little more to the

I am distantly related to a South African family which
includes many LUNTZES amongst its members, and which also
includes many by the name of HARRIS. One of the Harris' (I'm
not sure which, exactly) researched their family very
thoroughly, and was able to trace the Luntzes back to Rashi
more or less. (as you say, its not clear how much of an
accurate geneology this is, but the family tradition of
being descended >from Rashi upholds the research).

Anyway, this tree lists, amongst others, Josel of Rosheim,
and connects him to a family called SPIRA, and then to the
Loans and Luntzes.


Alan Kolnik

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