Social Security Application translation/records for CBees #general

Helen Saltman <bhsalt@...>

Dear Jewishgeners,
I received my gmother and my uncle's social security application and
I need help translating.

I realize that there are often misstatements and other kind of errors,
but perhaps you can help me. My grandmother, Anna BERGMAN -first
husband's name) ZEFF--last husband's name) lists her birthplace as Godno,
Russia --although the first letter could possibly be a Y. In the stetl
seeker there seems to be many possibilities, but I tend to think that
Grodno (With an R) may be the place since Jews >from Grodno emigrated to
Malmo, Sweden according to a recent Avotaynu article. My mother was born
in Malmo. Where should I go >from here? I am waiting for the passenger
manifest for the Zeeland when my gmother and mother came to the US in

Other curiosities include the maiden name of my gmother's mother listed on
this form as: Bertha SECLGOF. I assume that this is somekind of phonetic
spelling used by my gmother, but what does it translate to. I tried the
data base and couldn't come up with anything that appears useful. Any

My uncle Bernie BERGMAN lists his father as Hyman BERGMAN on his ss
application. My mother has listed him as Herman on a insurance form,
and my gmother lists her own father as Henry BERGMAN--since my gmother's
maiden name was supposedly SMIGELSKY, this was probably an error? On the
other hand Bernie BERGMAN gives his mother Anna's maiden name as "MILLER."
(I have seen this name on the other side of my family and am beginning to
think that this is the Jewish equivalent of Smith!) My uncle was a CBee
construction battalion) before W.W.II and was a prisoner of war in the
Pacific. Does anyone know where to get records--was this considered
military duty, and if so, what branch of the military?

I have no one left in the family to whom I can ask questions

I have been trying to get Herman (Henry? Hyman?) BERGMAN's death
certificate as well as Bernie BERGMAN'S birth certificate--apparently my
gfather died the same year his son was born. As yet the New York archives
division on Chamber's St. hasn't even cashed my check and it has been
close to three months. Is this what other's have experienced or should I
assume that my letter was lost?

Part of my impetus to research my family is to trace an inherited kidney

Any suggestions to determine the correct names and to facilitate my
research will be very welcome. At present time, I need to research at
home by computer, phone, or snail mail, since I am unable to go to the
libraries, etc.

Thank you,

Helen Saltman
Kensington, Ca.


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