New Info File on Jewish Genealogy in Posen #general

Steven Fischbach <fischri@...>

Subject: New Info-File on Jewish Genealogy in Posen

I just finished writing an info-file on Jewish Genealogical Research in the
former Prussian Province of Posen. JewishGen has graciously published it
on its website. The info-file contains links to several web-sites
(including archives, maps, telephone directories, etc.), a short
bibliography, and some information on the organization of Jewish
communities in Posen. I suspect that researchers interested in
German-Jewish or Polish Jewish genealogy outside of Posen will also find
the info-file to be of interest. To access the info-file follow the
following link:

Feel free to send me any comments, criticisms, additions, corrections, etc.

And Happy New Year to all.

Steven Fischbach
Providence, RI

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