Jewish Farmers in New Jersey #general

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For those of you who are looking for relatives who may have farmed in
southern New Jersey, Morris and Helen Ostroff of Rosenhayn, New Jersey,
are co-curators of the Garton Road Synagogue, now a library and archive
of Jewish life in the Vineland area of New Jersey. Morris was and still
might be a farmer. Both Ostroffs knew many families in the area. I do
not have a phone number for them or for the Synagogue, but if you phone
Jack Shortledge, director of the Down Jersey Folklife Center at Wheaton
Village, he will have that information.
Good luck.
Miriam Camitta
Wynnewood, PA

Searching: BASSEIN/BASHEIN/BASEIN, Borisov, Minsk, possibly other
locations in Minsk gubernia.

MODERATOR NOTE: The phone number has been deleted for privacy
reasons. For details, please contact:

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