Re: Theresienstadt and Auschwitz records #general

Linda Birnbaum <birnbaum@...>

Have you tried submitting the names to Yad Vashem? They will do a
search and for a modest fee, return any records they find.

Peter Sinclair wrote:

I am trying to establish the recorded date of death of the following

Grandmother: Hilda WALDNER nee HESS
born 10 June 1869
died Theresienstadt 1943 ?

Uncle: Joseph WALDNER
born 1892
died Auschwitz 1942 ?

Aunt: Paula BERMANN nee SIEGEL
born 16 November 1890
died Theresienstadt 1943 ?

I would greatly appreciate receiving advice where I can source the
required data.

Peter Sinclair

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