Address in Warsaw ghetto #general

nicole berline <nberline@...>

"From: (Don Gallard)
I have a Polish address >from a letter dated 1941. The address reads,
Szlama Icek Rotblatt, 21 Wolynska St., Apt 35, Warsow, Poland. I am
looking for any suggestions as to how I might be able to use this
information to further my Rotblatt family research."

Anyone who was about to answer privetely the question above, please cc
the answer to me. I have the same question, mutatis mutandis, with
Berek ROTENSZTEJN, 12 Muranowska St, app. 20.
Though, >from studying the prewar Warsaw directories and city maps, I
suspect that this is a place where my grand-parents had to move to when
the Warsaw ghetto was walled in October-November 1940 and all Warsaw
jews forced to move inside it: at that time the population of the ghetto
was 240 000, in january 1941 it was 378 979, in may 1941 it was 430 000,
according to Ringelblum's "Notes >from the Warsaw Ghetto".
Nicole Berline

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